Octave Fouqué : Près du Lac (By the lake): Nocturne, Op. 1

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Home classical Octave Fouqué : Près du Lac (By the lake): Nocturne, Op. 1
Published on April 10, 2016

Phillip Sear plays an evocative nocturne by the short-lived French composer Octave Fouqué (1844-83)
The French composer and music critic (Pierre) Octave Fouqué (1844-83) was born and received his early musical education in the Pyrénéan town of Pau, and later went to the Paris Conservatoire, where he studied composition under Ambroise Thomas. After an unsuccessful attempt to win the Prix de Rome, he turned to music criticism, and at the end of his life was working in the library at the Conservatoire. He wrote very little music – a list of his works can be found here: http://bit.ly/1SyQ77c . It seems to have been de rigeur for piano students at the Paris Conservatoire to dedicate a composition to Antoine Marmontel (1816-98), the influential professor of keyboard at the Conservatoire from 1948, and Fouqué obliged with this finely-worked piece from around 1878.
Played by Phillip Sear
http://www.psear.co.uk (Email: http://bit.ly/19LJYA0 )

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