Soft Piano Music with Relaxed Calm and Quiet Melodies for Meditation, Study & Sleep – a Piano Diary

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Published on October 4, 2016

Relaxing, soft, piano music for sleep, study or recovery from stress. Smooth soft piano with a calm & peaceful energy.
The tracks is from the Solo Piano Diary collection and contains 3 full albums (75 improvised tracks)

“The moods are consistent enough to provide a subtle backdrop for other quiet activities, but I highly recommend giving this album your full attention at least a few times, as it’s too beautiful to not savor in its entirety. I will reuse my own quote from the previous two Diary reviews and re-state that “This is music to get lost in, hoping never to be found again!” as it is just as fitting for this collection. //Kathy Parsons –

The photos are taken by the composer at his home island (Ockero Islands, Sweden), from his winter cabin (Branäs, Sweden) and from a Greenland trip.

Christian Lindquist’s soft Solo Piano Diary is widely used by SPA’s and hospitals for meditation and relaxation. The style is quiet, introspective, and deeply personal. Most of the pieces are simply titled with the dates and the pieces are mostly short, 1 1/2 – 3 1/2 minutes in length.

The pianist has been able to discover more of his own inner world with his piano diary and he hopes that his music will help many others to do so as well.

(I play because I need it. It calms my ocean…)

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