Keith Jarrett – THE KÖLN CONCERT: Interpreted by Tomasz Trzciński

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Home jazz Keith Jarrett – THE KÖLN CONCERT: Interpreted by Tomasz Trzciński
Published on December 30, 2015

Interpreted by Tomasz Trzciński – SPOTIFY: Part I [ 0:05 – 28:55 ] Part IIa [ 28:15 – 43:35 ] Part IIb [ 43:35 – 1:04:35 ] Part IIc [ 1:04:45 – 1:11:11 ] Visit & Enjoy Frakfurter Neue Presse: “Es gab einen sensationellen Keith-Jarrett-Abend”;art688,1761336 Listen on : SPOTIFY: Apple Music (Stream) Deezer: For Smartphone, iPhone & Tablet: PIANO EXPLORATIONS Live! Facebook: Around “The Koln Concert” BUY TRACKs: Photoes by Tomasz Trzciński, 1992, 1993 (Part I, II) and Antoni Dybał, 2013 – 2014 (Part IIc) South Poland Moutains: Pieniny, Gorce & Beskid Sądecki WNYC, John Schaefer – “New Sounds”: “Variations on Keith Jarrett’s Koln Concert” – There are exactly my “Bue Mountains”, country of my lucky and romantic youth years. THE KÖLN CONCERT by Keith Jarrett was my favorite music in that time, my first & big love to improvised, free piano music & artistically expression. My associations with Jarret’s ideas and my own way to improvisations begann there – in the Mountains of my youth, where I’ve seen the lines and feel beauty. I have been very, very lucky there…. Keith Jarrett’s Immortal ‘Koln Concert’ Turns 40 – Wie Keith Jarretts Welterfolg fast ausfiel – “The Köln Concert”: Interview mit Vera Brandes Keith Jarretts Köln Concert: Ein Klassiker wird 40 – Keith Jarretts “The Köln Concert” : Ein Klassiker der Moderne Original Records: Keith Jarrett Solo, Keith Jarrett Trio, ECM: #KeithJarrett #K.Jarrett #Jarrett #TheKolnConcert #KolnConcert #koncertkoloński #Jazz #JazzPiano #JazzMusic #Classical #ClassicalMusic #TheBestOfJarrett #TheBestOfKeithJarrett #Beautiful #Awesome #Amazing #Incredible #AllInceredible #AmazingMusic #IncredibleMusic #THEKÖLNCONCERTcomplete キース・ジャレット ケルンコンサート #キース・ジャレット #ケルンコンサート ザ・ケルン・コンサート ザ・ケルン・コンサート 基思·贾勒特的科隆音乐会

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